Loan Estimate

Download the simple Loan Estimator. It will quickly estimate the cost of a loan from Kilrea & District No.5 Credit Union Ltd.
Check our rate against the man selling you a car or a holiday......Don't waste your hard-earned cash on chancers!
* It does not account for occasional missed payments due to Public Holidays, etc. 

What you see is what you pay - There are no hidden expenses!

PLUS - You also also get our Life Policy Scheme FREE for the term of your loan.

NB - 2 points to remember

  • Our Interest Rate (APR) is currently set at 12.68% 
  • The maximum loan period is 4 years 



Ayn Rand

Money is the barometer of society’s virtue.

 A creative man is motivated by his desire to achieve,

not by his desire to beat others…..