Taking out a Loan

  • A member who is over 18 years of age can apply for a Loan at our  Credit Union.  
  • A Loan is available to any member with at least 13 weeks of a good savings record.  
  • A Loan must be used for a provident or productive purpose - such as a holiday, motor vehicle, home repair, wedding, etc..  
  • The member needs show they are able to pay the Loan back over an agreed period of time - up to four years.  
  • Interest is payable at an APR of never more than 12.68% (Loan Estimater  
  • Our Credit Union Loan also carrys Free Life Insurance (to pay off the Loan if you are 'run over by a bus'!) 
  • There are NO set-up fees! 
  • Members can repay a Loan early, if they like - NO penalty fee will be charged!  
  • Members still continue to earn dividend on their savings deposits (shares) during the term of any Loan.  
  • A Loan will always be tailored by the Credit Union to suit a member's own circumstances and lifestyle. 
  • We are truly here to help our members .....  

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Ayn Rand

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 A creative man is motivated by his desire to achieve,

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